A few words about me…

My work includes, journalism, media training, podcast creation, editing and fiction writing.

I have worked as a journalist for the past two decades in print and broadcast media. My career includes media training to capacitate women and those in the popular education movement to become community reporters as well as facilitating youth expression by training young people, from low-income communities in South Africa, in the tools of radio production so that they could tell their own stories. 

In addition, I have covered a long-running advocacy campaign concerning copyright reform in South Africa and my most recent journalistic contribution in this regard raises awareness about the campaign led by blind and visually impaired activists to have the progressive Copyright Amendment Bill signed into law — this would allow the blind and visually impaired to acquire reading materials in accessible formats such as Braille, among others. Read more about it here.

I’ve always been drawn to deeper explorations of stories that illuminate and deepen understanding as well as stimulate productive dialogue about the realities of the most vulnerable. As such my newest journalism venture, in collaboration with selected communities, is a showcase of narrative storytelling that profiles stories of innovation from the ground up in response to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Watch this space for more details!