DVV International appreciates and values the professionalism and skill that Linda has brought to her work for the organisation as a media consultant which included the development and distribution of podcasts across community radio stations in the country. This project was significant in amplifying the work of DVV and we were pleased with the extensive reach achieved.

In addition, Linda has been central to the development of DVV partners with regard to their ability to use media tools and the general know-how and ethical considerations which in her role as a media trainer, Linda showed great efficiency.

Farrell Hunter – DVV country director

Linda is very professional in preparation and, at the same time, easy-going and friendly. Her good insights for the best outcome resulted in a high quality podcast. Much appreciated, and good luck with the work ahead!

Ginoca (InĂªs Neto Dunstan) – CEO: Training for Transformation

Linda’s breadth of experience and ‘can do’ work ethic makes it easy to work with her and hence she is one of our preferred collaboration partners.  We have worked  with her on several creative and organisational projects and each time she delivers work of an outstanding quality and on deadline – Our clients are happy; We are happy!

Lindia Trout – THemediachilli

Linda taught us how to structure our writing; that the sequence of presenting a story is important. She also taught us how to avoid the usual NGO speak we are often guilty of using in our messaging. We learnt how to structure a message in a way that resonates with our target audience.

Hilda Gertze – Coordinator: Southern African Community Grantmakers Leadership Forum, Philanthropy Leadership Network